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Metaphoria 960 by 1200 2.png

Television Man - 6m 50s

Yassin Salim (Writer,  Actor) Boaz van Dongen (Sound Recorder, Composer) Bob van der Nol (Actor) Nolan van der Nol (Writer, Director, Cinematographer) Celine Martosoewondo (Actor, Set-Designer, Graphic Designer) Omar  Aboe-Dzaki (Graphic Designer)

Mark; a late night infomercial host suffers an existential crisis after a minor incident on set.

16/01/23  (Coming soon)

ISAC - 6m 20s

Yassin Salim (Director, Writer,  Animator,  Editor, Compositor) Boaz van Dongen (Composer) Ysbrant Bakker (Actor) Samantha Bonouvrie (Actor) Thomas Zuleta (Actor) Omar  Aboe-Dzaki (Mo-cap actor)


Under the fluorescent lighting, in a cubicle office; Isac: the office computer gets into an altercation with a wild rat.

14/02/23  Screening @Lantarenvenster Rotterdam as part of Open Doek Rotterdam.


Microwave 960 by 1200 2.png


Yassin Salim (Writer,  Animator, Voice actor, Editor Compositor)

A monologue of confusion and frustration regarding gender identity.


Excavation 960 by 1200.png

De Dialoog van Doris Diviser - 4m 20s


Yassin Salim (Writer & Director) Sude Tavbatir (Co-writer) Boaz van Dongen (Actor)

The fictional character study of one Doris Diviser; a melancholic and angsty individual. Unsure of their identity and general place in the world. 



Venus in Marble - 43s

Yassin Salim (Animator, Compositor & Composer) Aubane Berthommé Martinez (Director)

An existing art installation brought to pixels using royalty free 3d models found around the internet. 




Excavation - 7m 28s

Yassin Salim (Writer, Actor & Editor) Nolan van Der Nol (Director)

By digging a hole on a beach, a person starts to uncover memories of their past. Meanwhile below the surface, tension is building.


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